Let's Cleanse!

Cleanse. Detox. Flush the system. We've all heard the phrases and probably discussed the many different options for restarting our system. I've finally signed up and committed to doing one, after a lot of persuading of course. My friend Paul asked me to join his TPFitness 24 day Advocare Challenge... with the added bonus of winning $500. For almost a year I've heard my dear friend Kayla talk about Advocare, she swears by it. It has changed her life, and she looks incredible. (Love you Kay!) Anyways, Paul invited me to do this challenge and said it wasn't about how many pounds or inches you lose, more about how you FELT after doing the challenge. A little convincing later and I signed up. My box of Advocare products came yesterday and it felt like Christmas morning - I've spent a lot of time over the last week researching the cleanse, what to expect and so much more. 

From every blog post I read about the Challenge it has been success after success - especially for people who are looking to restart their system and detox their body of the crap we put in it. My goal on this challenge isn't to loose a certain amount of weight, but to feel better about what and how I eat. Sometimes it takes a challenge to get things going! 

I keep thinking of when to start the 24 day Challenge, after Thanksgiving, next weekend... excuse after excuse. I'm starting it on Monday. Monday! Which means Sunday afternoon will be spent grocery shopping and prepping meals for the week. I'm already dreading the fiber drink, which everyone said is just AWFUL... but it works! I will be attempting to blog about my experience and hopefully it'll inspire one more person to change their unhealthy ways! It could happen! 

Let's see what happens--- time to CLEANSE! 

***Hasn't started quite yet, hoping to get this started on December 1st!***

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