35 by 35

Check Lists. Dream Lists. Bucket Lists. I am one of those people who enjoys crossing something off a list, whether it's the house chores I need to do or a life list. 5 years ago I created a list labeled 101 in 1001, unfortunately I was never able to fill the list to 101 items. Nowadays I wonder how that's possible, there has to be AT LEAST 101 things I want to do in my life, see, purchase, accomplish etc. 

I finally found the list I wrote in 2010, I was able to go through and cross off a decent portion of the items I accomplished since it was written. It also reminded me how much I wish I followed through with it, especially number 41 (Call my grandmothers twice a month) and 42 (write my grandmother a letter once a month). Little things that take very little time and I know would have meant SO much to my grandma -- she has since passed away.  

I've decided to set a more reasonable "list"... we shall call it 35 by 35. I'll incorporate a few from my 101 in 1001 list and add more to create a list of things I want to do, see, be, enjoy, love and live by the time I turn 35. To be completely honest this list could consist of 35 places I want to see or experience but I'm going to attempt to expand it to more than traveling! 

  1. Travel more - Italy and Greece have been a dream destination for years and I'm determined to make it happen. Nashville, Austin, NYC, San Francisco, Mexico and Canada are on the short list of places I'd like to visit as well. 
  2. Attend a film and/or music festival - Sundance, Toronto, SXSW etc
  3. Shoot a destination wedding in a warm climate 
  4. Snowboarding - it's been years since I've strapped on my board but I miss it and would love to get back on it. Maybe it will require a trip to the mountains. 
  5. Explore MN - living here my entire life, I haven't taken the time to explore and appreciate all that MN has to offer. 
  6. Get tattoos with my mother and brother
  7. World Cup or Euro Cup - this is a MUST, I love soccer and have wanted to attend a match on this level for YEARS! 
  8. Volunteer - giving back is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world
  9. Learn Italian - this was on my 101 and I still want to learn it, especially if I want to complete the first item on this list. 
  10. Adopt a dog of my own - fostering is rewarding but at some point I want my own fur baby. 
  11. Annual Mother/Daughter warm weather vacation - we started it last year and I want it to continue. 
  12. Explore wineries/breweries in MN and around US 
  13. Participate in an obstacle run (Tougher Mudder, Camp Titan etc) or run a half marathon 
  14. Zip Line in a foreign country
  15. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  16. Sky Diving/Bungee Jumping - must face fear of heights and falling at some point. 
  17. Cliff Jumping
  18. Attend a Grand Slam 
  19. Travel somewhere NEW every year 
  20. Put together a benefit concert - this was also on my 101 in 1001 and I've always wanted to do it especially in honor of my brother. He loved music and would have LOVED this. 
  21. Learn how to drive a race car
  22. Be in love
  23. Make a difference in someone else's life 
  24. Relax and Enjoy a Spa Retreat 
  25. Own a gun - go to the shooting range more often 
  26. Go a week without technology/social media 
  27. Take time to read more
  28. Visit friends who no longer live in Minnesota - Nebraska, Texas, California, Colorado, Arizona, Seattle.. so many destinations. 
  29. Purchase myself a Louis Vuitton handbag 
  30. Own my dream car - this may be one of those before I'm 40 goals but I'll shoot for 35
  31. Host a family holiday with all the trimmings 
  32. Girls trip to Vegas
  33. TBD
  34. TBD
  35. Be happy and enjoy your life

Still trying to fill in the last two, somehow it is much harder than I anticipated to create this list. I officially have less than 5 years to complete all these - but there is a strong feeling it will happen. Let's get to checkin'! 

Have suggestions for those last two? Send them my way! 

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