Advocare 24 Day Cleanse - Day 1 Recap

The Advocare 24 day cleanse has officially BEGUN! I kept putting it off  but decided it was better to begin it  after Thanksgiving, I don't think I could have done it with all that delicious food tempting me on Thursday. 

My mom and I are doing this together, thankfully, we can both suffer through the DREADED fiber drink together. She dove in first yesterday and I received a text saying, "the fiber drink isn't that bad." Obviously I didn't believe her completely because I read over and over how awful the drink is, but I gave it a shot. I made it halfway through the drink and had to stop. I literally could not drink it without gagging, the texture is horrendous. 

"Breakfast" was the god awful fiber drink, sweet potato, ground turkey and a clementine. Lunch was a turkey burger with spicy wholly guac and cauliflower. Dinner was Chipotle, bought a bowl with a little bit of brown rice and black beans, barbacoa (had to have a little red meat), spicy salsa and guacamole. I came home and dished up half of it on a bed of spinach. Before I ate dinner I had a spark drink and catalyst... Unfortunately I only ended up eating half of my salad due to how nauseous I felt from (my guess) the catalyst.  Snacks were almonds and clementines. 

Overall yesterday I felt really shaky and nauseous but I'm not quite sure what exactly was making me feel that way. I was eating quite a bit and often, drank a lot of water and worked out. Hoping Day 2 will be much better. 

I need to get around to taking before photos, but I did step on the scale at Life Time yesterday to get my weight and body fat analysis done. To me, that's why I'm doing this cleanse. Bump up my clean eating and lower my BF, we shall see how it goes. 

Finally found a way to down the fiber drink this morning, mixed it with the fruit punch Spark and it was SO much better. The texture is still TERRIBLE, but at least it doesn't smell and taste like garbage. 

Really glad I have these two days while I'm at home to adjust to eating every 2-3 hours, hopefully it won't be hard to do this week while working. Although the happy hour I have to attend tomorrow will be quite the challenge, no alcohol or sugar for 24 days... over the holiday parties. Oh man - it truly is a challenge!