Day 2 and 3 - Advocare Cleanse

It does get better... but not quite. The fiber drink is still my least favorite part of this cleanse, but mixing it with fruit punch has helped immensely. Day 2 was great actually - I had a ton of energy, ate often all day and never felt nauseous. Day 3 (today) was more of a challenge, back to feeling nauseous from the fiber drink this morning but I'm starting to think it may be because I am not eating ENOUGH. Who would have thought? Being at Happy Hour tonight was pure TORTURE... all I wanted was a beer or a glass of wine, followed by bacon mac & cheese with a side of fries. Impressively enough, I drank water the whole 3 hours, think I got my water intake for the day. 

Happy moment today: had a weigh in with my fantastic trainer, we do them at the beginning of every month... even from when I weighed myself on Saturday, somehow I am down 4lbs. What? I'm going to guess a lot of that is water weight and can only assume the number is going to fluctuate as the cleanse continues. 

My soul sister and I were talking tonight about the cleanse, she did it a few months ago for 10 days and had some lovely advice. The biggest thing, which I was wondering about, she said "Don't freak out that your pee is neon!" Yep - I was totally wondering what the heck was going on. Thanks fiber drink and supplements. 

3 days down... 21 to go!