A little lifting

It started off last fall when I wanted to try something new, my friend Josh (fantastic trainer at Lifetime Fitness in SLP) had mentioned he did boxing sessions. I was SOLD - it was an ideal way to take out any and all aggression while getting a workout! Over the summer he really encouraged me to try doing a lifting session with him, I finally caved and woke up being sore every inch of my body. I'll say it, Josh was right!  

We had our first lifting session yesterday after a few weeks off and let me tell you, I hurt. Everywhere. As he knows I'm a perfectionist when we lift. I want to make sure I'm doing it right 100% of the time, which means I always have lots of questions. Thankfully Josh is incredibly patient and puts up with my looks of "Are you freaking kidding me?"  

Yesterday we did Squat Thrusters (ouch), TRX Rows, Knee Ups (abs), and some Kettlebells! Who would have thought those 4 "simple" exercises would leave me hurting all over today, especially my legs! 

Thanks Josh for always kicking my butt - if you're a LTF member, get in on Josh's group fitness workouts! They are worth every penny!