Fitspiration - Katie H

Ever have that moment when you walk out of a fitness class and think "how do they do it?" The teacher has more energy than a group of 6 year olds on a sugar high, they make you feel energized, inspired and as though you just ran a marathon (in the best way possible). 

Last week I had the opportunity to teach a class with one of my favorite group fitness instructors in it!!! Can we say nervous? I used to take Katie Haggerty's yoga sculpt class every Thursday until someone took over. Nobody replaces Katie H :)  

It was an honor to have her come take MY class on Friday afternoon. She continues to inspire me to be a better  teacher, just like all of the awesome group fitness instructors I've encountered over the last few years. Katie was there before I started teaching Pure Barre, I remember thinking "I want people to leave my class feeling exactly how I feel right now."

Thank you Katie for inspiring us all to be our best selves and pushing us when we need it most. You're the best! XO  

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