Love. A word used to cover a broad spectrum of feelings. It is used to describe how we feel about a book we just finished, the best dessert we've eaten, a person we are enamored with... but most importantly it's a word we rarely use when talking about ourselves. 

My friend Kelly introduced me to this incredible company called The Giving Keys, it exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness. They customize an array of jewelry out of re-purposed keys which can be inscribed with a word of your choice; once you feel your word no longer serves you it is to be given to someone you believe needs or deserves it. The word I chose, love, is inscribed on a long silver chain to wear around my neck, as a constant reminder to love.

Let me clarify, I give a lot of love to others in my world but I have allowed the love for myself to take a back seat for the a few years. Most people may say this is what makes me who I am and I have to say, I find complete joy in    making others happy. I will never change that part of me but in the last year I began focusing more on loving myself and my life. It does not happen over night, a constant "work in progress" but I can say in the last year and a half I am happy to have taken the time to focus on myself.

My key is not ready to be given away because there's still so much love to be given and received (sounds like a line from the Friends episode, where Joey marries Monica and Chandler....), but some day I will pass it on to someone who needs it as much as I do.


Ashley CohnComment