Look Up

How much of our lives do we spend looking down, missing out on the moments happening all around us? There are statistic and facts I could easily look up to throw out there but I can already tell you it won't make a difference because we are ALL guilty of it. 

Have you ever looked around at a bar or a social gathering to see a group of adults all looking at their cell phones? It's possible they are sharing adorable photos of their children or dogs, but chances are they are more concerned with what everyone else is doing in social media they forget about the company in front of them. (Don't even get me started on the younger generations!) There are moments I've been in a car full of friends where the music is the only thing breaking the silence because people are so concerned with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. 

When did we stop being social with those surrounding us? When did our phones become one of the strongest avenues for "social recognition"? 

Awhile back I came across this video called "Look Up" and it hit me hard. What if we are so busy looking at our phones we miss something incredible going on in the now? 

Take the 5 minutes from checking all your social media accounts and watch this video

I will admit it, I have been one of those people who is so distracted on my phone I almost miss a step while walking or accidentally run into a person or non-moving object (that's more likely!) Since watching this video I have been making an effort to put my phone away in public -- there is nothing happening on my mobile device that cannot wait a few minutes longer. 

It is truly amazing what happens when you put down the phone and completely engage with the ones you love. You connect. You grow. You learn. You love. 

Look Up. 

Ashley CohnComment