Never Say Never

Disclaimer -- this post contains small uses of profanity in the best way possible.

I did a mother f*$%ing pull up! There was no assistance, no band, no person helping to push me up, no jumping. Simply hanging there and pulling up my own body weight to hover my chin above the bar! My whole body, I lifted it UP and held it.... I'm no skinny mini either! 

WHAT??! This may not be a big deal to anyone else, but to someone who spend her high school/middle school gym classes terrified of the physical fitness tests solely because of the pull ups --- this is a BIG freaking deal! 

Justin Bieber unfortunately wrote a song and quite possibly ruined the phrase but it's fitting -- Never Say Never.  I will be completely honest with you inter webs, ten years ago I would never pictured myself involved in the fitness world but here I am teaching barre classes and spending almost every day in the gym. After starting my journey with Josh almost 2 years ago I started to set milestones, personal goals for me. It was never a number on the scale but more of a physical accomplishments, one of them was to do a pull up. We started doing assisted pull ups on  a regular basis, some days I would literally dread those bands being brought with us to the Alpha room. When Josh and I parted ways on our weekly training, I told myself I would continue to do them and SOMEDAY do just one without any help/assistance/jumping. 

Today..... I FREAKING DID IT! Not only did I do one but I did FOUR,  four mother f***ing  pull ups! Are you freaking kidding me?! My friend Zach was working out with me in the Alpha room today and after doing my first pull up I squealed with excitement, more than likely did a little dance. He had no idea why I was so thrilled, I probably looked crazy but I did not care one little bit.  After we were done working out I asked him to take a photo of me attempting another one, he said he was wondering WHY I was so giddy earlier but now he understood! 

It truly is the little things in life. I spent my Sunday at the gym checking off one of my personal goals... a pull up.

Set goals, big or small, and remember they take time to achieve. Nothing easy happens over night but it all pays off in the end.