Comfort Zone

Comfy. Cozy. Controlled - the bubble we live in called our comfort zone. 

Something happened a few years ago when I decided to stop living within my comfort zone and make an effort to explore what happens outside of my bubble. It can be terrifying and exciting in the same breath. In February I will not be stepping outside of my comfort zone but rather JUMPING into an experience I would never have done years ago. Myself, alongside other singles in the Twin Cities, will be auctioning ourselves off at Date for Life! 

Date For Life, a fun, feel-good event that offers charity-minded men and women the opportunity to meet and make a difference by raising money to find a cure for childhood cancer. It's all happening on Thursday, February 11th at Aria in the North Loop!

The closer we get to the event, the more I think "What the HECK did you get yourself into?" I sit here thinking about my date package, what I'll wear, who will bid on me and I burst into a smile. My main reason for participating isn't to find a date or love, this is yet another way I can honor and remember my brother*

*For those who don't know about my incredible, amazing, inspiring and hilarious brother - He lost his fight with childhood cancer at the age of 8 after four years of battling it. Everything I do in this world is to make him proud and keep his memory alive. 

Whether you're single or married, join us as we raise money for a GREAT cause and you can witness me completely outside of my comfort zone. 

Tickets are available to purchase here