Current Obsessions - January

Along time ago, you know when I used to blog often, I would share a few things I was loving every month. My oldest friend, Hallie, kept saying how she missed this... which is hilarious considering I talk to her every day, she probably knows all of these! Figured a new year, a new blog but bringing the good stuff back (sang to the tune of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back) !!

Obsession #1: Jenny Lawson's audiobook - Furiously Happy 

I had been following Jenny since I came across her blog post about Beyonce, if for some reason you have NOT yet read this just go do it right now. Anyways, while looking for an audiobook to listen to I came across Jenny's book Furiously Happy! The best thing about it - Jenny was narrating it! Ready, set, PURCHASED! While on the stair master at the gym, I decided this would be the ideal time to start listening to it. Insert moments of pure loud laughter coming from the crazy girl on the stair master, yes Life Time members that was me and I will not apologize for it. Do yourselves a favor and go download Jenny's book RIGHT NOW, if it doesn't make you laugh then something may actually be wrong with you. 

“Eating a peach is like eating a newborn baby’s head. In that it’s all soft and fuzzy. Not that peaches taste like babies. I don’t eat babies. Or peaches, actually. Because they remind me of eating babies. Vicious circle, really.”  - Jenny Lawson

Yes the whole book has hilarious stories like this, but it also touches on the reality of depression and how Jenny has managed to find the humor within in. 

Obsession #2: Complete Cookies

Another 24 Day Advocare Challenge has been going strong, 21 days in to be exact! Third time around I've got this clean/healthy eating down but no matter what I always crave sweets. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth around - I would rather have cookies, m&ms, brownies, cake, donuts... oh donuts.. Wait what was I talking about? I'm over here dreaming about donuts. Rachel and Jen both mentioned "protein" cookies... ummm EXCUSE ME? Immediately I headed to my neighborhood GNC and picked up two, feeling the need to control myself. Thankfully my fave at GNC let me know the serving size in a pack is actually TWO because I would have eaten the whole damn thing in one sitting. They are freaking AMAZING with 15g of protein and 5g of fiber. Officially addicted, as I currently have two sitting on my counter waiting to be consumed. 

Obsession #3: Thomas Rhett

Music is one of my constant obsessions, this is nothing new, but when Thomas Rhett released his album this fall I immediately added it to my Spotify playlists. This album is on a consistent rotation during the week because there is a song for every mood. Die a Happy Man has been a radio favorite, it may or may not be playing while I write this, but that isn't even my TOP favorite off this album. It's a toss up between I Feel Good and South Side - if you ever see me driving and rocking out like crazy in my car it's extremely possible I'm listening to either of these songs. Even for non-country fans, this album is AWESOME! Give it a shot. 

Side note, from Brett Eldrege's album, Thomas and Brett do a song together called You Can't Stop Me and it's on repeat for me right now. 

Obsession #4: Advocare Spark GRAPE 

How I functioned like a normal human being before finding Advocare is truly questionable! Spark, my life changer, keeps me going every single day! Before being introduced to Advocare I was a lover of Diet Coke, energy drinks and even the occasional Tall Non-Fat Decaf Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. Now my mornings consistent of mixing up a spark with breakfast or for my drive to work, it keeps me going and tastes amazing. I was always a fruit punch gal until my world changed and I ordered grape.... hellllloooooooooo lover! :) 


Obsession #5: Lululemon - the "Naked" pants

This won't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or sees me on a regular basis, I practically live in Lululemon. In fact my friend Monica told me I was not allowed to wear Lulu pants when we went out last weekend because she knew that's exactly what I would have put on. Let's be honest they are flattering and make your bootay look GOOD! :) 

I'm a huge advocate for the Wunder Under pants and crops, they are my go to in most situations until I was introduced to the Naked pants. This is exactly what Zach called them when he said I HAD to try them on. My first thought, ummm Naked pants? These are going to be see through or some crap. 

"Oh. My. Goodness. I think I just stepped into heavenly pants." Pretty sure my face said it all when I walked out of the dressing room - these can't be real, can they? They are like butter on your body, the most comfortable and flattering black "yoga" pants. Technically they are called the Align pant but I prefer Naked pants. At the lovely price of $98 they are worth every single penny, EVERY SINGLE PENNY! 

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