My Strength

Cancer. An awful disease that steals the people we love away from us far too soon. 

With all the upcoming events raising money to find a CURE for Cancer, I have been lucky enough to share my story. When Tyler was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of 4 years old, we (as a family) made it known that Cancer would not control our lives. Throughout the years of treatment, tests, doctors, hospital stays and more we managed to make the best of the time together. Some of my fondest memories with Ty were the days we spent in the hospital playing very intense games of UNO, Nintendo and curling up next to him in bed watching a movie. Those are things you can't buy, memories to me that are priceless. Were they spent in the hospital where he was hooked up to IVs and occasionally having to wear a mask? You bet, but that's not how I remember him. 

When you talk about cancer people tend to give you the "poor you" look, most of the time not knowing how to react and feeling as though they have offended you.

Let me tell you this - I love ANY excuse to talk about my brother. If only I could bottle up the memories and show you how freaking amazing he was... I would. Until technology and science catch up to that moment I will continue to share pictures and tell stories, even 19 years after he's passed and forevermore. 

This post was inspired after someone said to me how much more wisdom and strength I've probably gained from experiencing the loss of my brother. I say this ALL the time when people give me the sad eyes, "I'm sorry" or "I don't know how you speak so positively about all this;" While losing my brother was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life, it has made me EXACTLY who I am today. 

My life is inspired on a daily basis by my brother, trying to live the life HE didn't get to. People come into this world for a reason, his was to bring joy and inspire those he touched to get out there and LIVE! That's what I'm going to keep doing and I encourage you to do the same - if anything, looking at his face hopefully brings a smile to yours! 

Touch Down :) 

Touch Down :)