Adults at one table and kids at the other, the home smelled of fall and a feast. My mother would spend endless hours cleaning and preparing for our entire family to make the trek to our home on the point. The one day of the year where my aunts, uncles and cousins came together to eat, drink and be grateful. As we would sit at the dinner table, each person would have the opportunity to share one thing they were grateful for in the last year. Although our family may have changed over the last few years one thing remains the same --- I am grateful. 

I am grateful for the ability to love

I am grateful to lead a life my brother would be proud of. 

I am grateful to surround myself with the best people.

I am grateful for a career I am passionate about. 

I am grateful to be sitting in the Cottage with the fireplace burning, lights from the Christmas tree illuminating the room and Amos Lee Pandora making me feel all the feels. 

Thanksgiving may be over but each day I will be grateful for this life I'm lucky to live. 



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