Eve of Another Year Younger

Today marks the last day of being 31 years young, somehow the days seem to go slow but the year always flies by. I will wake up on a Monday morning and go about my normal routine; with every day that passes I will be another day older and hopefully a bit wiser. 

After turning 30 I wrote a blog post about the things I learned in my 20s, when I get closer to 40 (goodness gracious) I'll write something about all the profound things I learned in my 30s. Since I still have quite a few years before putting a 4 in front of any sort of number I'll stick to living in the now of my 30s!

As I sit here trying to process the highs and the lows of the last 365 days I'm having a hard time recapping it. Let's hope that isn't a sign of my old age, I can't be losing my mind already, right?! 

Over the last year I have learned to love and accept myself, how to take care of my body in a healthy way and knowing everything is okay in moderation (especially donuts)! After selling my house and moving to St. Louis Park, still one of the best decisions I have made, I wanted to make it a point to spend time with the people I love. One of those people is me; remembering or discovering things I love to do and making them a priority in life. Sometimes we have to take a pause from making everyone around us the focus of our life and give ourselves much needed attention. These things were as simple as writing, working out, sitting out in the oasis soaking up sunshine or even (gasp) taking a much needed nap! 

In my gut I have a feeling 32 is going to be a damn good year! Considering 31 ended with an incredible trip to Ireland, waking up every morning still loving my job at Engel & Völkers Minneapolis, soaking up every one of those 55 minutes with my loves at Pure Barre Minneapolis and surrounding myself with the best people a gal could ever possibly ask for...

To say I am a lucky woman would be an understatement. 

Thank you to everyone who made my 31st year pretty damn incredible, I cannot wait to see what 32 brings. Get ready for more adventure, cancer free friends and a whole lot of donuts!