Just for Me

24 hours all to myself in a beautiful city where the temperature made it feel like home but the views reminded me how far away I really was. Last week I was lucky enough to fly to Denver for training in our new HIIT Pure Barre class called Platform -- which is going to be AMAZING, I am still sore from the two classes we took! Usually when we head to Denver for training they are short trips where the city gets left behind. This time I decided to head out there a day early and spend some time by myself, exploring Colorado and taking time for ME. 

An extremely rare occurrence for this girl --- 24 hours to myself in a city I love.  After I managed to pull myself off the oversized king sized bed at the Westin (it's possible I pulled one of those dive and flop on to the bed... by possible I mean it totally happened), I explored a little bit of the Denver suburbs and even saw a movie! 

The ONE thing I wanted to do during my time in Colorado was head up to Boulder, grab a coffee and walk down Pearl Street. I packed up my stuff, hopped in my little blue mini car and headed north. 

There was only one radio station that managed to come through clearly on the radio while I was making the descent into Boulder - it was a man speaking about honesty and living life without holding back. If only for those few moments I was surrounded by the beauty of the Flatirons and inspired by the words I heard this man say. Life shouldn't be lived in a constant state of holding back, hiding the truth from those around us or being afraid to be ourselves. We always hear it, you've got one life so you may as well make it count... don't hold back. Live. Spend 24 hours to yourself doing something for YOU. Call your friend and have the chat you've been putting off. Hug someone a little tighter. Follow your gut and your heart. Take a chance with someone new. 

The best part of my 24 hours riding solo - this drive to Boulder. 

The gorgeous view driving into downtown Boulder, Colorado. 

The gorgeous view driving into downtown Boulder, Colorado. 

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