What scares you?

Snakes. Spiders. Heights. Flying. Death. All of these things have one common category... things that scare me.  

But someone asked me, what is the scariest moment in your life thus far? We're not talking when my brother used to stand behind corners and jump out at me when I walked by - that legitimately scared me so much I would get massive air and scream bloody murder. Side note: If my coworkers ever read this now you understand why I jump when you come around the corner without warning. 

My immediate response was buying my house but after careful thinking, that's not true. While the moments leading up to purchasing my house were terrifying, it hasn't been the scariest moment in my life. I thought of my skin cancer diagnosis because it was completely out of my control and scared me to my core. Again, I don't think this has been the scariest moment of my life which means it's possible that moment hasn't happened yet. 

If someone asked YOU what your scariest moment in life thus far was, what would your answer be?