Closing Time

Sitting on the floor curled up with a blanket, nestled between the corners of the couch - it has finally hit me. My house will no longer be mine in 6 weeks. It will be home to another family, thankfully a family I know will take great care of it.

Five years ago I was getting ready to sign the papers to make the biggest purchase of my life, now I'm going to be closing a monumental chapter of my adult life and moving on to the next. My eyes start to well up as I think about all the good moments in this house... the dance parties in the kitchen, laughing so hard with my best friends it hurts, the foster puppies I fell in love with who saved me more than I saved them, did I mention the dance parties? My birthday where all the guys jumped on my bed, one flew off and broke the nightstand --- which to this day is still broken. 

It was also the home I ran back to when my parents told us they were getting divorced, the couch I crawled into after hearing I had skin cancer and the bedroom I shut myself in when hearing the news of friends passing away. 

These walls have been my sanctuary for almost 5 years, a home where I grew up and changed as a person more than I thought imaginable. I would never imagine five years ago to be the person I am today, to have lived through the experiences I had to bring me here. Here, soaking up every last second in MY first home. 

The next chapter of my life will start in St. Louis Park, living in an adorable cottage down the street from some of my best friends and co-workers. 

Ashley CohnComment