Goodnight House

One last walk through the house, turned off the lights and locked the doors... my final goodbye. I stood in the middle of the living room trying to soak up all the memories that happened in my first house. The late night dance parties which included Risky Business sliding across the hardwood floors, countless hours spent chatting on the world's most comfortable couch with my people, but especially the birthday when the gents piled on the bed and one bounced off creating a huge hole in the wall. 

This was my first home, the place where I truly grew up and became an adult. Who knew it would be hard to say goodbye to a tangible piece of property? Driving to the house last night was far more emotional than I anticipated it to be but pulling out of the driveway was a whole new level of emotions. As I sat in the driveway in my car filled to the brim, I let myself cry. I am still not sure if the tears were for sadness or joy but they happened, full on ugly girl tears. 

Chapter 46 (or something) of my life, closes today. Chapter 47 starts now and I'm going to make sure it's a really good one. 

As I said last night... Goodnight moon, Goodnight house. Thank you for the memories Excelsior Blvd. 

Ashley CohnComment