Change Is REAL Good

Since my last blog post I have lived in two different homes, moved boxes up and down stairs, did our best to take a king size mattress up the stairs with four of my best people and finally feel at home.

This new home, interwebs, is perfection. Perfect for me. The character tells a story, someone put their heart and soul into this home and has decided to share it with me. I can tell a lot of good things will happen here. I've never felt this comfortable and at home somewhere. My last house was home, don't misunderstand that, but this is exactly where I am suppose to be. 

The patio has been an oasis, spending almost every night out there enjoying a glass of wine, doing a bit of work or catching up with friends. Furniture has slowly found it's home and there are only a few boxes left to unpack! 

As bittersweet as selling my house was, this home reminds me it was all worth it. So far this chapter is off to a pretty good start, wonder what will happen next. Stay tuned :) 

Ashley CohnComment