10 Miles for Ty

April 5, 1997 I woke up as though it were any other day, not knowing the devastation about to rock me to my core. Four years of putting up a fight no kid should ever experience... 

Cancer won. 

Eight years young. 

November he would be turning 28, almost 20 years since cancer won. I've written about our story many, many, many times but this one is different. This isn't only about Ty, this is FOR him. 

He spent four years fighting the battle of a lifetime and almost one month before his 28th birthday I will be lacing up my running shoes and hitting the Minneapolis/St. Paul pavement for 10 miles. 

Let me be real with you interwebs, I don't run. I don't enjoy running. It's one of the few physical activities I cringe at when someones suggest it, similar to how I feel about the dentist. I can think of many other places to be other than there.

I am not a runner, at all, but knew this was an opportunity not to pass on. The chance to lace up my shoes and run for Tyler, every single step of the way. I'm doing it FOR him. For those who have lost their battle and those who continue to fight. 

As long as there are kids with cancer, we can never give up!
— Tyler David, age 4

The next two months won’t be easy. I have hundreds of miles ahead of me before I reach the start line. There will be days when I don’t want to lace up my shoes. There will be days when I prefer sleeping in over doing my long run. Then, I’ll remember why I’m doing this.  

For Ty.  The strongest, happiest, goofiest kid around town. For him and every other kid, I will finish those 10 miles no matter what it takes. 

Because I knew there was no way I would willingly run 10 miles, I joined Team Superstars to help raise money for Children's Hospital and Clinics and Cancer Kids Fund. 

Help me find a cure for Cancer and let kids be kids! Donate HERE! 

Update: My heart is so beyond full, as of right now the incredible people in my world have helped us to raise over $1,300. Are you freaking kidding me? I am in tears over here. Happy tears. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.