The Sheps - Minneapolis Family Photography

Almost 8 years ago I received a phone call from Lisa who wanted me to photograph her newborn son, Finn. Finn who is now big brother to Luke, Wyatt and Hope.... who stands at almost half my height and actually LIKES me after all this time. Luke who is still indifferent to my presence and "doesn't like pictures" but absolutely adores his little sister. Wyatt whose memory will be carried throughout this beautiful family through his little sister, Hope. After 8 years, they haven't gotten rid of me yet. :) 

Words cannot express how much I admire Lisa and Steve - you can read their story on their family blog called The Shep Nest  - to say I'm grateful to know you is an understatement. Thank you for letting me be part of your life, your story and your growing family. To the next 8 years of crazy moments with those boys and the beautiful story of Hope.