This Makes Four

While going through the process of trying to sell my house last Spring, I told myself when I closed the Shorewood chapter of my life I was going to do something symbolic. While perusing Pinterest (shocker) I came across a saying in latin which loosely translated is a greeting meaning "towards greater things." Immediately I knew this was for me and said once my house sold I was going to get it tattooed. 

Life didn't seem to slow down after moving and getting settled into the Cottage, finally I made the appointment and could not be happier with it. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it, a constant reminder. 

Forever reminded on my forearm, I will be reaching towards greater things, for me. 

Photo taken by My Rachel

Photo taken by My Rachel

Thank you 555 studios for making this my absolute favorite of four tattoos, I cannot imagine having any one else tattoo me from here on out but Tommy.