Right Now.

While I may not love running, I am starting to enjoy the peace and quiet I get for those 30-90 minutes where there is nothing else to worry about other than my feet hitting the pavement. At the start of my sunset run tonight I finished a podcast from Lewis Howes where in every interview he asks the guest for 3 truths. 3 things you would want the world to know if everything about you was erased from the world, these THREE things were it. One of his truths hit me hard tonight...

Be Happy, Now.

We live in a society where we are constantly waiting for the next thing to make us happy. I'll be happy when.... I have a better job, a new car, fall in love. Notoriously in our world we are reaching for what's better and beyond the right now. 

Knock it off friends. Be happy right now. In this very moment, you are exactly where you are suppose to be.

I took my headphones out, put my iPhone away and listened to the world around me as my feet hit the pavement. Trying to embrace the quiet and serenity of life at this very moment. Is my life exactly what I want it to be or where I thought it would be? Of course not but it can always be worse, always. 

Soak it up, today. Every day.

Do what makes you happy every single day. 

Ashley CohnComment