My Word for 2016

Adventure: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

2015 was the year of change but even better to be followed by the year of adventure! It may not have been filled with loads of wild, worldly travels and exotic moments but rather life altering experiences instead. 

Over the last 365 days my life has felt like an adventure, thankfully not hazardous according to the definition of the word, but it has been unusual and exciting. In my wildest dreams I'd never guessed I would be living in an adorable Cottage in a neighborhood filled with friends and coworkers. The moment I stepped into this home my whole world changed for the better; my life felt more carefree, I was happier and ready to work on me and my new chapter. 

The last year has strengthened my relationships, even rekindling old friendships when they were needed the most. Learning how to communicate and be there for those we love, through good, bad and ugly is a true test to a friendship/relationship. There's no doubt it's been a trying year with a lot of heart ache, disease, loss and pain for those I care for deeply but needing to remember and rejoice in the happy moments!

My adoration for my careers has deepened, which I wondered if it were even possible, but guess what?! It is! I cannot imagine waking up every day and not being surrounded by the incredible people I get to call colleagues at Engel & Völkers Minneapolis, seeing the joyous and beautiful faces at Pure Barre Minneapolis and those families I am lucky enough to photograph every year. 

Even three months after my Adventure of a Lifetime, I still find it hard to put it into the right words. This trip changed me in many ways; it opened up my eyes to a new relationship, the desire to travel and realizing the little things which bring me the utmost joy. 

Ah interwebs, I went and got all mushy on you. 2016 was a year for me, to discover more about who I am in this world, where I want to go and who I want to be. It was a trying year with a lot of ups and downs but for the first time I can say the year ended and I wasn't angry to see it go. I wasn't bitter to say goodbye, instead I was excited and ready for the next 365 days. 

2017 - The Year of More.

More Travel. More Happiness. More Excitement. More Adventure. More Memories. 

What will YOUR word be for the next year? What will YOU do to make it happen? 

Photo taken by Sky in Galway, Ireland sitting in a coffee/art shop before embarking on the day

Photo taken by Sky in Galway, Ireland sitting in a coffee/art shop before embarking on the day