Four Years, Still in Love

My emotions are already getting the best of me as I sit down to write tonight, thinking back to four years ago when I put on my Britney Spears mic and stood in front of a full studio to teach my first class at Pure Barre Minneapolis - St. Louis Park. 

April 2012 I walked in to this unknown studio to try out a Pure Barre class I knew nothing about. Somehow after surviving 55 minutes of these little isometric movements, tiny pulses and crazy shaking I was hooked. October 2012 I started working the front desk because I could not get enough of being at the studio. January 2013 off to Denver I went to learn all about becoming a Pure Barre teacher. February 3rd, 2013 I put the mic on and my world would never be the same. 

Almost 2,000 classes later and my love for Pure Barre has grown exponentially. The four walls of the studio hold some of my favorite people, amazing memories and more inspiration than imaginable. Over the last four years women have walked in those doors and into my life, sharing their journey with each of us. Some days I really wonder how I got so lucky to have this "job" because there is not one single day where these 55 minutes feel like work. 

Pure Barre has not only changed my body but it changed my world, introducing me to friends who have become family. A community of people who continue to encourage each other, inspire us on a daily basis and sometimes make me laugh so hard I can hardly compose myself. 

We could not do this without you, so I'll say it again and again from the bottom of my heart - thank you, thank you, thank you.

Side note - I stopped at least 7 times to compose myself and wipe away the leaking from my eyes.

Let's celebrate FOUR together this week and weekend because I would love nothing more than to spend it with My Pure Barre Family. 


PS - If you haven't tried Pure Barre yet and want to, you are welcome to come as my guest for your first class!