What If...

What if we smiled more than we grimaced? What if we looked up rather than being glued to our screens? What if kindness really mattered? What if we helped lift others up than tear them down?

What If when you asked someone how their day was, you truly cared about their answer?

Too often we go about the motions of our day; looking up when we need to, smiling when it's required and feeling the need to ask questions without listening to the answer.

Have you ever thought what if.... ?  What if I put my cell phone down and noticed the carefree child in line telling his mom about his excitement for taking his new legos home and build it! Especially because he's over 5 years old and the box says for ages 5+. 

Lately I have been trying to live, to be present, to be in the moment of every day life. To look around while I'm running errands and SEE people, to converse with the beautiful person behind the counter, to hold a door open when someone is walking in behind me. 

Sometimes it is the simple things in life we forget to focus on.

Try it today. Ask questions and really listen. Look up and see what is happening around you. Be present in your day.