Stop making excuses. Stop complaining. 

I've been on a podcast and audible kick lately, trying to find inspiration and motivation wherever I can. While listening to one in particular I kept hearing this statement, "Stop making excuses. Stop complaining."  I am guilty of making excuses as much as the next human but why? Am I choosing fear over the possibility of something incredible? Laziness? Self Doubt? Busy?

"I'm too busy."

Interwebs, raise your hand if you have ever said it! If you could see me, I'd have both of mine up real high in the air (possibly waving them around!) I'm too busy to _______ work out, eat healthy, spend time with people I love, take a vacation, clean my house or even relax. No doubt you can fill in this blank with many potential excuses, right? 

Here's the reality my friends... are you ever really TOO busy or are you making an excuse to avoid dealing with something or someone? 

From the girl who has an amazing full time job, teaches 8-10 Pure Barre classes a week, fills her weekends with photography and spends time running a non profit I sure know what "busy" feels like. Over the last year I made a promise to myself; to never be too busy to get a work out in, pick up the phone and call my favorite people, take time out of my "busy" day to give my undivided attention to a coworker. 



Realizing I was spending more time making an excuse for skipping a happy hour or brunch with my friends, postponing a trip I had been dreaming of, putting off an uncomfortable conversation with a friend or maybe even putting my happiness at the bottom of the priority list because I'm "too busy." This does absolutely no good for me or the people around me. 

Start small my friends; notice where or why you are making excuses or complaining, how are those around you reacting and what happens if you stop. Will you be happier? More productive? Realize a new passion or dream you want to pursue? 

Stop complaining. Stop the excuses. Start living your best life. 


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