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Where would you go if your best friend said she needed a weekend away and you get to plan it? My list started with Chicago, Nashville, but I needed to think outside the box and with a little help from my girl Bets, the Oregon Coast moved quickly to the top of the list. A place I never thought to explore; five minutes into a google search and Instagram exploration I knew this was the place for a girls weekends away. 

An early morning flight from Minneapolis to Portland was perfect, with our coffee in hand we boarded the plane knowing we had a car on the other end and ZERO plans. Friends, no joke, we had nothing planned. Hotel? Nope! Plan of attack? No way. First donut stop? You BETCHA! 

After landing in Portland, we opened up our Hotel Tonight app  - side note: if you haven't used this to book a hotel while traveling, it's a must - use the code ACOHN23 for $25 OFF your first booking! Low and behold there was an adorable hotel available for a crazy discount in Cannon Beach, one look of confirmation from B and we clicked BOOK. 

Our first stop on this adventure was, without a doubt donuts at Blue Star Donuts. Y'all, not only is this place picturesque but the donuts were amazing. We stopped at the location on Mississippi Ave surrounded by clothing boutiques, great restaurants like Por Que No? and breweries on [what feels like] around every corner! If you're making a trip to Portland and donuts are your jam, this is top of your list! 

Fueled by donuts we were back in the car and ready to hit the road to Astoria, a quaint town at the northern part of Oregon; the start of our drive down the Oregon Coast. We learned, from the locals in Cannon Beach, about the Astoria hot spots we wish we knew beforehand. If you're traveling to Astoria make sure you stop at Fort George Brewery and the Astoria Column, with more time we would have ventured back north to see these. 

A real brief stop in Astoria and we were off to Cannon Beach on the 101 - the Pacific Coast Highway. With mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, I was one of the happiest girls in the world, with a little country music on the radio and one of my best girlfriends alongside me, life was pretty darn great. Pulling into the town of Cannon Beach we knew one night wasn't going to be enough here. 

Picture this: the smell of fresh baked cookies, the sound of the ocean and the most friendly people greeting you. Can you picture it? That is how it was walking into the Hallmark Suites in Cannon Beach - knowing it was somewhere we needed to be for a few days. 

Most of our time in Cannon Beach was spend walking the beach for countless miles, watching the sunrise and sunset, soaking up the beauty of nature. We became regulars at the coffee shop in town, Insomnia Coffee, grabbing an iced drink before we made our way to walk the beach. After a long day of 17 miles of hiking we ventured into town to grab dinner at Cannon Beach Smokehouse, meats + cheese + wine ... Oh my! It was exactly what we needed, the service was awesome and we met the most adorable couple who shared their story of how they have ended up in Cannon Beach every summer for the last 7 years. After only a few short days, I can understand why Cannon Beach is a place that brings people back time after time. 

I know I will be back there again soon, real soon.


Our three night stay in Cannon Beach had to end but before we ended up in Portland we had to make a stop at one of the most beautiful vineyards I’ve ever been to, Ponzi Vineyards! It came highly recommended from friends who traveled to Oregon and friends, it did not disappoint! The service was impeccable, thanks to Peter, Hallie and Martin for making it a memorable afternoon, the wine was so amazing we may have purchased a few bottles to bring home, and the view… perfection. Make sure this vineyard is a stop on your Oregon experience, you won’t regret it!

What’s better after a few hours at a vineyard? Pizza. Easy enough. Oven and Shaker, located only a few blocks from the Mark Spencer Hotel (another Hotel Tonight steal of a deal) was exactly what we needed - some of the best wood fire pizza; highly recommend the Spicy Salami, the little touch of honey makes it salty and sweet!

Oregon Travel Tip: When venturing from Portland to the coast, bring LAYERS! We had no idea the coast was going to be about 30 degrees cooler than Portland and we did not pack properly, a few more layers would have been needed to do early morning hikes or late night excursions.


Y’all we fell in love with the coast so hard that on our last day in Oregon we actually drove BACK to the coast to explore the rest of the 101. It’s truly so beautiful you could spend days driving from Seattle down to California, stopping at wineries, breweries, little towns and more. If Oregon is not on your list of must travel to places, please do yourself a favor and bump it up to the top and then tell me all about your adventures! I’m already looking forward to my next trip to the PNW, because there’s more to see than we could have explored in 5 days.

Tell me friends, where will your next adventure be taking you?

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