There’s a saying from the Torah “my cup renneth over”, and let me tell you friend… my cup is flowing over the table, on the floor and into the other room. My heart is filled with so much love from everyone who has reached out since releasing the news on Sunday.

As I sat in the car the other day, I started to cry tears of happiness, how all these amazing people are part of MY VILLAGE? How did I get so lucky to have this many incredible people in my life?

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to each of you who has commented, messaged, emailed, texted, called, dropped off gifts, spent time with me, the endless hugs, the prayers and amazing vibes I’m already feeling from each of you! This feeling is nothing I could ever describe.

From the bottom of my overfilling heart, thank you for supporting me in this fight against The Cancer.

We will win, and I cannot wait to celebrate with EACH of you when that time comes… think donuts, lots of donuts.

As I promised I would update; yesterday we spent a long day at the University of Minnesota with the Gamma Knife Radiation team. Up and at ‘em at 6am to get the show on the road, it was a long day of sitting and waiting but we finally got the zip zapping of The Cancer started around 2pm. They decided to radiate 3 of the larger spots on my brain with the hopes of Immunotherapy stepping in now to take on the smaller tumors. The procedure went really well and the team was AMAZING throughout the entire day but we were happy to get home and sleep! We’ll be back in two months for an MRI to see the progress of The Cancer going away.

Note: it’s virtually impossible to sleep throughout the day when your head is screwed into a metal holder and it does not look pretty which is why there is no photographic proof this even existed ;)

Now we get to take a break for two weeks before round TWO of immunotherapy happens again - which means between eating healthy, acupuncture, visits to my lovely healer Kristen James, spending time with a whole lot of people I love, and hopefully soaking up some much needed Spring weather it’ll be here so quick.

So many of you have asked how you can help, and my beautiful best lady friends surprised me with a GoFundMe Page, knowing that I would never be one to ask for help period. If this is a way you’d like to help, take a moment to check out their page, otherwise keep the prayers, positive thoughts, great energy and hugs coming … I will ALWAYS take hugs :)

Photo by my lovely friend Christina with  Sassypants Photography

Photo by my lovely friend Christina with Sassypants Photography