20 Years

With each year that passes the memories begin to fade, the pain starts to lessen but the love will never go away. 

This year seems to be harder to write than others, maybe it's because of the milestone. The realization we have lived almost three times as long without him as we were able to spend with him. Eight years is never long enough to cherish all the memories, the moments, the laughter and the tears. 

20 years ago cancer took away my littlest brother, Jesse's best friend, my parent's baby and a friend to everyone. We were lucky to spend 8 years with him and we will spend the rest of our lives honoring his legacy. 

Today is a day to think fondly of the happy times spent with Ty. The countless hours in the hospital playing UNO, getting into competitive Super Nintendo matches, or watching movies together. Our summers spent by the pool with his super silly dance moves, cannon balls or tubing competitions. While reading a story his best friend Chris wrote many years ago, he said it best "Tyler taught me to never give up and to always live life to its fullest." I could not say it better myself, I will spend every day of my life to it's fullest because of Ty and FOR him.

We miss you Ty.