4 Years Cancer Free

The day you hear those words will be forever etched into your memory... skin cancer she says. On the verge of my 29th birthday I began the process of getting ready for surgery, within 3 weeks I had one procedure down, pre-surgery visits and consulted with the plastic surgeon. Constantly thinking - how is this happening to me? 

The waiting, the unknown, the inability to do a damn thing about whatever happens next. 

Even as I celebrate being cancer free for four years, every visit to the dermatologist has me on edge. Constantly wondering if this time will be when she finds cancer again or how many scars will I accrue over my lifetime of skin cancer scares?

I am one of the lucky ones, who caught it early and removed it right away. Who spends every six months freezing under a paper gown to make sure it never returns. I will continue to do whatever I need to NEVER hear those words again.

Today, it's four years and that is something to celebrate. 

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