Beautiful Sky in the City

Spur of the moment trip aren't usually my thing, until recently and they are well worth it. A weekend away in Chicago to start of the year with a terribly handsome and intelligent travel companion was exactly what we both needed. 

Friday evening we made our way to one of the coolest pizza places I've ever been to, Happy Camper! With a live DJ in the Camper putting out amazing tunes, the ambiance of this pizza joint is on point, not to mention their pizzas were incredible! You would think after pizza and beers there couldn't possibly be room for anything else.... you would be wrong. There is ALWAYS room for donuts. A little late night stop at Firecakes on our way back to the hotel was an absolute must, the guy working was phenomenal picking out his favorites and made sure we took home a great sampling! There was a moment of donut dancing over the excitement of these delectable cakes back at the hotel... if you follow me on Snapchat, it was there :) 

Saturday, a day to be a tourist! After grabbing a coffee we were off to see The Bean and wander around downtown Chicago. On a freezing cold day in the windy city there isn't a lot to do outdoors where you wouldn't freeze your butt off which is why we made our way to the Art Institute of Chicago to educate ourselves on modern and contemporary art. 

The icing on the tourist cake.... drinks with my college best friend and his wife as we all sat on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building while watching the sunset. Absolutely stunning.

Sitting in the hotel lobby, after bidding adieu to my handsome man friend, taking a few minutes to really appreciate every moment this weekend. While it may have been beyond bitter cold outside we managed to enjoy incredible food, seeing highlights of downtown Chicago and lots of time goofing off together. 

I'd have to say we are 8 days in to 2017 and it is off to a really good start! If this is any indication of how the rest of the year will go... I'd say it's going to be pretty incredible.