Confessions: I Have a Psychic

I know what you're already thinking, forget the stereotypes of movies where you meet a woman rubbing a crystal ball and flipping over tarot cards. Come on friends, it's the 21st Century and my psychic is not one you'll find at the Renaissance Festival. 

Over two years ago my friend Elizabeth and I were talking after Pure Barre about the psychic dinners she hosted; I had so many questions I figured she would tell me to shut up at some point. Psychics had always intrigued and terrified me slightly, let's be real... they know things about us we may not even know! Crazy right? 

My first reading was a whirlwind of emotions, there were a lot of tears and clarity. Not only is my amazing friend Christine a psychic but she's also a medium who can connect with those have passed. If for some reason you're new to my world, I've lost a few important people in my life and being able to connect with them was an overwhelming moment. 

I can tell you this much - if I wasn't a believer before those 30 minutes with Christine, I left beyond a believer. Not only was she able to tell me more about myself, my future and my relationships but she predicted things that have (since that reading 2 years ago) come true. She knew about our new real estate venture before I had any idea about it... there was NO WAY she could have known that :) 

Since that moment of meeting Christine I have taken countless friends and family members to see her, going along to experience it with them and see her talent in action. She's made the non-believers, believers. 

Intrigued yet? Let me introduce you to my friend, Christine!