My Summer Vacation

Today marks the unofficial end of summer; Our short summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Kids will be going back to school, if they haven't already, ready to answer the question every teacher asks, "What was the best part of your summer vacation?" 

I remember being ecstatic to get back to my friends and tell them about the exciting adventures of my summer. Even if they were as simple as spending every day in the pool, on the lake or hanging out with friends. Today I started thinking how I would respond to this same question if someone were to ask me,  "How was your summer?" 

My summer was a ridiculous rollercoaster of ups, downs, sliding side to side and eventually coming to a halt.

The Ups: Moving into the cottage, evenings of laughter and wine with friends on the oasis, nights out in the North Loop, exploring Minnesota, booking a trip to Ireland and buying a new car! 

Sliding sideways: I could describe this easily... dating. This summer opened my eyes to a few different people who surprised and disappointed me --- this could be a whole blog post in itself, but as you can tell I keep most of my dating life private.

The Downs: Cancer strikes again. Not to only one of my people, but TWO. Two people in my world hearing the words "cancer" "chemo" "tumor". Pardon me interwebs but it's bullshit. There's no doubt in my mind these two will fight the hardest fight and beat it, but they shouldn't have to.

I can safely say I am happy to be closing the Summer of 2016 chapter. Fall will be bringing an adventure over seas, which I cannot wait to share, turning another year younger, time spent with my E&V and Pure Barre families and so much more. Let's get this show on the road Fall, I'm ready for a new season. 

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