Soul Filled Sunday

Soft Jazz Background plays while the fire crackles, Christmas lights illuminate the room as sit here soaking up every ounce of Sunday. Sundays which tend to bring sadness due to the weekend ending or excitement as we embark on a new week, however you see your Sunday mine was soul filled. 

ashley cohn

After a weekend watching one of my best friends get married, my heart is happy. As cheesy as it sounds, weddings bring out the hopeless romantic in me but it's even better when it is one of your favorite people marrying their person. The weekend was laid back, low stress and a whole lot of dancing with some of my favorite people in the world. Topping the evening off with snow flakes falling as we left the reception, the most ideal way to close out Derik and Lauren's day :) 

I packed up my belongings and made my way to Spyhouse Coffee in The North Loop to indulge in a Caramella on a cozy Sunday afternoon. Feeling extremely accomplished with my work for the day, I took a moment to sit there and really experience the happenings around me. The fantastic music playing, a full coffeeshop of inspiring young professionals working meticulously and baristas crafting their drinks to perfection. 

ashley cohn at spyhouse coffee

It's little moments like sitting in a coffee shop remembering what you were doing one week ago, in that same coffee shop and how fast time passes us by. My Sunday was soul filled and leaves me inspired, ready to take on Monday and the week ahead. 

Tonight I will be dreaming of photographing my beautiful friend and her fiancĂ©e on the streets of Paris and hoping our worlds can collide to make it happen!