Skyline Beauty

Sitting in the backyard oasis with the wind blowing, the skies darken and having a moment of Winnie the Pooh when he says "tut tut it looks like rain." I am trying REALLY hard to soak up what's left of summer. (Update: it started pouring right after I typed, it looks like rain.)

Thinking back to last year when I wrote this post, recapping my summer vacation, I am extremely grateful this summer was no where near the ups, downs, sliding sideways and the halt.

One of the biggest downs from last summer was the start of Team Nordin's fight against cancer. It has been a hell of a fight with complications nobody could have predicted. One of the downs last year was one of the ups on Friday as we popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate Toby being cancer free and we're keeping it that way! Eff Cancer and Complications!

If you had to go back to school today and someone asked, what was your favorite part about summer vacation... what would you say? 

My response would be, I fell in love with Minneapolis all over again. Sometimes we get distracted with the busyness of life and work we forget to enjoy the little things right at our finger tips. I rediscovered a fondness for that skyline, the character, the charm and overall the beauty of our home. Late nights walking St. Anthony and Main, experiencing the Guthrie at sunset, embracing the people who love this city as much as we do but nothing tops the peace and quiet after leaving Alchemy, driving down St. Anthony and pulling over simply to take in a moment of clarity. 

Minneapolis, you're a beaut. 

Tell me friends, what was the best part of your 2017 Summer? Ups, downs and all the in betweens are welcome :) 

Photo by yours truly on September 2nd

Photo by yours truly on September 2nd